Balancing the demands of a hectic work life or living away from home can make it tough to be there for sick or elderly family members. It’s natural to feel guilty about not being around when they need you the most. That’s where our team in Chennai steps in to lend a helping hand.

Our home care services are designed to offer support to those unable to be by their family members’ side due to various commitments. We get that it’s not just about addressing the physical needs of the elderly or those recovering from hospital stays – it’s about understanding and tending to their emotional well-being too.

In Chennai, our skilled professionals are dedicated to providing more than just routine home care. We go the extra mile by offering emotional support and companionship. When you trust us with the care of your loved ones, you’re ensuring they receive not only the necessary physical assistance but also the comfort and emotional reassurance they deserve.

We recognize the importance of creating a homely atmosphere, even when dealing with illness or recovery. Our approach to home care is all-encompassing, striving to build a supportive environment that nurtures emotional well-being within the familiar surroundings of home. Let us share in the responsibility of caring for your family members, providing a human touch to the care they deserve.

Home care centre in chennai

Home Nursing Services in Chennai

In times of extended medical care needs, especially for complex health issues, home health nurses play a crucial role. Our dedicated team offers quality medical care services, ensuring patients receive personalized attention in the comfort of their homes. This service proves invaluable when patients or their families encounter challenges in self-care. Compassionate home health nurses specialize in catering to a diverse range of individuals, including the elderly, those with mental health concerns, and individuals recovering from surgery.

Our approach revolves around establishing a strong bond with both the patient and their family members. This connection forms the cornerstone of our services, creating a nurturing and supportive environment. Specialists go beyond the clinical aspect, providing assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, and maintaining personal hygiene. Recognizing the significance of the human touch, infused with love and affection, we believe it significantly contributes to a patient’s overall well-being.

While our home health nurses excel in basic care, they also serve as liaisons between the patient and their healthcare team. Collaborating with doctors, they assess the patient’s health status, gather feedback, and contribute to the development of a comprehensive care plan. In the role of case managers, our nurses coordinate various healthcare services, including rehabilitation, pharmacy needs, and community resources.

Nursing Care for Cancer

Dealing with cancer demands not only medical expertise but also a compassionate touch. RMD Hospitals ensures that home nurses play a pivotal role in helping patients recover from surgery, managing pain, minimizing infection risks, and providing catheter care. Our dedicated team of home nurses not only provides comprehensive support to lung cancer patients but also offers empathetic guidance to minimize the complications that may arise from surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Our focus is on ensuring the comfort and well-being of patients within the familiar confines of their homes.

Elderly Care Services

Caring for our elderly loved ones is a responsibility that demands attention and compassion, especially when daily activities become challenging for them. At RMD Hospitals in Chennai, we take pride in providing thoughtful and comprehensive elderly care services. Our aim is to ensure that the elderly receive the personalized attention and support necessary to maintain their health and well-being.

Home care centre in chennai
Home care centre in chennai
Home care centre in chennai

Diabetic Care Services

In the face of the prevalent issue of diabetes affecting 70 percent of individuals today, managing sugar levels becomes a critical aspect of one’s health journey. RMD Hospitals steps forward to offer diabetic care services in Chennai, addressing the specific needs of those facing this condition. Our commitment lies in providing effective care and support to manage diabetes, fostering overall well-being.

Nursing Care Services - Postoperative Care

The aftermath of surgery often presents individuals with various challenges in their daily lives. RMD Hospitals addresses these concerns with a commitment to excellence, providing top-notch postoperative care services in Chennai. Our goal is to support individuals during their recovery journey, offering assistance and care to overcome the hurdles that often accompany the post-surgery phase.

Respiratory Therapy Services

Respiratory issues, particularly in the elderly, can pose significant challenges to overall health. RMD Hospitals specializes in respiratory therapy services, employing thorough examinations of chest conditions and lung issues. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to address respiratory concerns and enhance overall respiratory health.

Patient Care Services In Chennai

The patients who went for surgery need clean attention and need to be treated with a lot of care, including pain management, wound care, swelling, assisting, maintaining fluid, electrolyte balance and regular first aid. We provide the best patient care services in Chennai, where we take care of your loved ones with love.

It is difficult for patients to perform their daily activities at home, especially those who are staying alone. RMD Hospitals provides the best patient attendant services at home in Chennai. Everyone needs a helping hand and we are here to always help you. Our patient attendants are available for home care, in-hospital settings, or wherever you need.

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